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creativkidstiedyeprimaryWe had a request to blog about Quick & Easy Tie Dye Deluxe- someone’s friend received it as a birthday gift from GIFT HERO! It’s funny how trends come and go. I remember when I was a child, the thought of tie dye was not the coolest thing. Now it is all the rage among the pre-teen set.

This product makes a perfect birthday gift for an 8-10 year old girl. At these ages, girls love to make their own personal fashion statement. This kit comes with a pillowcase and mini t-shirt for a plush pal. But most girls also tie dye their own t-shirt as well. The aforementioned friend did this! This kit really does make tie dying easy for girls to do on their own. With sleepaway camp or summer trips looming, the pillowcase is a great way for girls to make their own portable personal statement!

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